Heath & Hedge Miniatures

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Crab Apple & Rose Petal Pink GinCrab Apple & Rose Petal Pink Gin
Cherry, Chocolate & Hogweed Seed Dark RumCherry, Chocolate & Hogweed Seed Dark Rum
Honey & Quince VodkaHoney & Quince Vodka
Gorse Flower White RumGorse Flower White Rum
Forager's Winter GinForager's Winter Gin
Wild Plum & Mugwort GinWild Plum & Mugwort Gin

Delicious perfectly sized wild infusions. 

If you're struggling to choose from our delicious range, want to try them all or looking for something a little bit different these could be for you. 

Cherry, Chocolate and Hogweed Seed Dark Rum

Fruity, aromatic and gently spiced. Delicious neat, over ice or great with a splash of ginger beer or ginger ale. 

When tasting neat the smoothness of the chocolate hits you first, followed by the warmth of the hogweed seeds and rum. Just when you are wondering when the cherry will feature, it leaves a distinct lingering finish on the palette.

Crab Apple & Rose Petal Pink Gin

Delicate and aromatic naturally pink gin. The colours come from the red crab apple and rose petals. 

Strongly aromatic, yet gently flavoured this gin is best drunk with a light tonic so as not to mask the flavours.

Gorse Flower White Rum

The nose is rich, peppery, grassy and flowery with delicate spice notes. The taste is powerful, full of dry spice notes, hay, oak and pepper but overlaid with a powerful aromatic sweetness from the gorse. It really does taste unique.

We think it needs a slightly sweet partner and tend to serve it as a long drink served over ice with a large wedge of pink grapefruit and topped up with pink lemonade. If you prefer your tipple less sweet a light tonic water really brings this to life.

Honey & Quince Vodka

This unique vodka is golden yellow, sunshine in a glass. It has a lovely sweet nose from the local raw honey, couple this with the aromatic Persian spice notes from the quince, you get a fragrant golden liquid. It is best served ice cold neat or as a long drink with lots of crushed ice, slices of crisp green apple, a slice of cucumber and topped up with lemonade or tonic.


Forager's Winter Gin

The newest addition to our range, available from the first week of November 2021. Subtly infused with wild botanicals, including pineapple weed for sweetness and citrus finish, yarrow for aromatic Asian-like notes and mugwort for depth. Resulting in a smooth, aromatic, seasonal gin, perfect for sipping by the fire side. Pair with a light tonic or soda water.

All labels are made from recycled paper and glass bottles are fully recyclable.

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50ml, 40% ABV.

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