The Original Vegan Hunny (Dandelion) 310g



This is considered our closest match to the real thing. It has been created to replicate the texture of runny honey. 

A lot of our vegan customers tell us how much they miss honey so here is the next best thing. Our range of hunnies taste very similar to the real thing, but with absolutely no involvement from the bees. They are based on a flower infused apple jelly each flavour offers a subtle difference to the taste.

Our Vegan Hunnies are made to replicate the taste and texture of honey without the use of bees. We are bee keepers ourselves but do not want to over harvest our hives order to keep the honey making process as natural as possible with as little human interference as possible.


Ingredients: Sugar, water, apple, dandelion flowers, lemon juice

Please keep refrigerated eat within 30 days of opening.