Wild Plum & Mugwort Gin

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The sloe, Bullace & Damson provide a nod to a traditional sloe gin with a much less sweet and clawing finish. This gin is a complex trinity of wild UK plums foraged on the northern edge of Dartmoor National Park.

The gin is fruity and aromatic, luscious and smooth with added complexity and body from the most ethereal and exotic of our native herbs, mugwort. There is a deep musky base note to match the high fruit peak from the damsons.

Serve neat over ice or with added soda to make a long drink garnished with a twist of orange and sliced plum...equally nice adding a splash to a glass of prosecco or other fizz!

Each bottle is uniquely labelled with batch details. All our products are made in small batches using seasonal, foraged and local ingredients meaning that subtle variations in flavours and colours may result between batches. There may be a small amount of sediment from the fruit, just shake the bottle.

All labels are made from recycled and biodegradable film, and glass bottles are fully recyclable.

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70cl, 40% ABV.