I.O.Shen 3 Piece Knife Set



I.O.Shen knives are our number one recommended tool in the kitchen. They are designed in the UK by Natalie Clifton and handcrafted using Japanse steel. Recommended by professional chefs and discerning home cooks alike, these are the knives that we use on every course (and also at home!). The reason that we have chosen these knives is not only their beauty but the perfect marriage of folded Japanese steel which creates very sharp and easy to sharpen blades coupled with the European styled handle making them very comfortable to grip. They have great balance thus making them very easy to use. 

The set includes:

105mm Pointed Paring Knife This little knife means business, from preparing smaller vegetables to intricate work.

210mm Chef's Knife This knife is perfectly versatile for most kitchen needs from the preparation of vegetables, fish or meat.

160mm Kahm Khom Slicer/Santoku Knife Another versatile knife which is particularly useful for slicing and dicing meat.


By law an adult must be present to sign for receipt of all dispatched knives. This service does result in additional costs. All knife deliveries will cost £17.

We also stock these knives individually. We will increase our stock range in due course, please email us if we do not stock the knife/knives that you are looking for.