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Terroir | Ground Up Cookery School | Devon
Ground Up Cookery School

Coming soon...

Well, The Cookery School is rapidly taking shape, the spaces both internally and externally are at the stage where we can really begin to visualise how it will look when we open for our first course in a few weeks.

The biggest question for me as the Culinary Director while planning this project was what to teach you? I thought deciding on the course list would be an easy process but it proved to be far trickier than I anticipated. There were many important considerations I wanted to take into account. I want to offer courses that are relevant to the area, the geography and the climate and how they impact on the local producers, to borrow a French word that sums it up, the “terroir”. 

Our ethos is to offer our guests the chance to learn in a fun and relaxed environment where they feel free to express themselves or feel comfortable enough to ask for a bit more help if they need it.

We want to offer courses that will be different to and compliment the already well established and excellent schools in the area.

After much thought and debate we have settled on a draft list for the first calendar year that will hopefully excite and enthuse you. Our courses range from a few hours to full day and we hope include something for everyone.

We will open with an introduction to fermenting course as a lead into our full day course, scheduled for later in the year. This is a great way to introduce seasonal, wild plants into your diet and also to preserve gluts of homegrown produce. This workshop will  fill you with healthy, good gut bacteria to reportedly improve your digestion and health whilst introducing you to a whole new range of flavour and texture combinations.

Then come and meet Marc Dennis from Duchy Charcuterie. We will have a fun and delicious day teaching you how to make your own bacon, salami and cured salmon.

In the Autumn, why not join us for “Pheasants and Cider”, learn how to make Scrumpy with my homemade cider press and prepare pheasant in a range of new and exciting ways from salami to sous vide. 

There are many interesting foraging courses available in the area, however, ours will be a whole day so that we can focus on practical cookery and recipes, to help you make the most of your hoard. 

Finally Christmas is coming, again! We want to share the tastiest Christmas Pudding recipe ever, CHOCOLATE AND CARDAMON Christmas Pudding, it doesn’t get better than this.....even the kids like it!!!! Join us for a few hours to taste some Christmas goodies and make this special Christmas pudding to take home with you ready for the big day. That will be one job off your to-do list this year!

We can also offer bespoke courses for groups of 8 or more, just let us know what you want to learn. We can accommodate most interests.

We really look forward to seeing you soon!

Colin | Ground Up Cookery School Devon

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