Ground Up Cookery School
Ground Up Cookery School

Bold New Chapter: Ground Up Cookery School is Moving to Chudleigh

What started as a wine-fueled idea at a dinner party and a “nothing to lose” approach to starting a new business has led us to selling our house, moving our kids’ schools, and settling in a whole new, and thankfully welcoming, community.


In the world of business, change is inevitable. Over the last five years, we have faced significant challenges but have continued to grow stronger. Last year, we discovered our lease would be expiring several years early. Faced with this unexpected news, we had two choices: close our doors or pack up and relocate. Embracing every challenge has brought new opportunities—from launching our delicious range of naturally infused spirits under the brand Heath & Hedge to providing senior chef training and zero waste consultancy for world-leading businesses. These ventures even led to Colin featuring on BBC TV’s Marcus Wareing's Tales from a Kitchen Garden. Inspired by these successes, we decided to take the plunge and see where this new challenge would take us.


We love our current location in Crockernwell and created a list of everything we wanted to keep and what we were abe to change. Our search for a rental property within southern Devon, avoiding areas with other cookery schools, proved fruitless. Despite viewing many options and contacting every vineyard, farm shop, and community organisation, nothing suitable was available. After nearly six months, we reassessed our criteria and decided to consider selling up and buying our next cookery school location.

We put our house on the market and found lovely buyers despite the tough housing market. We then viewed every potential property, from 2-bedroom cottages with land to build on, to empty properties for renovation, to large hotels. None ticked enough boxes until we found Grealy Barn on the edge of Chudleigh. Although the house was a bit of a compromise, the views were breathtaking, and the separate building with a pool, double garage, and snug met our business'  needs.

A Journey of Growth and Recognition

One vivid memory from our journey is the pivot from offering foraging and fermentation classes to gaining recognition as industry leaders. Initially overwhelmed by the demand for our courses, our turning point came when we were featured on BBC TV’s Marcus Wareing’s Tales from a Kitchen Garden. This exposure validated our efforts and catapulted us into training chefs, further cementing our reputation in the industry.

Our range of naturally infused spirits, Heath & Hedge, showcases our dedication to local sourcing and sustainability. Each bottle is infused with ingredients we foraged ourselves, reflecting the unique flavors of our region. This commitment to quality and locality has resonated with our customers, helping us stand out in a crowded market.

Moreover, our zero waste consultancy has significantly impacted our clients and the environment. We've worked with world-leading businesses to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices. One of our proudest moments was helping a major restaurant chain cut their food waste by 50%, demonstrating our ability to drive meaningful change.


We are excited to begin this new chapter in Chudleigh and look forward to welcoming you to our new cookery school. Watch this space for progress updates. We have a lot of work to undertake before you can come and visit!

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