Introduction to Fermented Food and Drinks


Saturday 3rd February 2024Saturday 3rd February 2024

We invite you to an introductory 3 hour session to discover if making fermented food and drink is something you want to learn more about. We will make a super tasty Central American Sauerkraut called Curtido and teach you how to look after it when you get home. We will also sample some other ferments from our full day course so you can decide if you want to learn more!  

Fermentation was traditionally a method of storing food but is also commonly used in food production, coffee, wine and chocolate, three of the most consumed products in the world are all fermented during production.  Fermentation is also widely recognised for the health benefits associated with the good gut bacteria Lacto Bacillus which is naturally produced during the fermentation process.

Introducing fermented foods into your diet opens up a whole new range of textures, flavours and health benefits. It’s fun, healthy and tasty!

This is a very relaxed workshop, so come and have some fun.

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Schedule of the day

09:30 Welcome, refreshments and introduction

Demonstrate Curtido preparation followed by practical tasks for guests


Opportunity to taste a range of fermented products from around the world


Finish Curtido


Recap day, Depart till next time


We design our courses to be fully inclusive and will make every effort to make them available to all. If you have a disability or a require support to take part in our courses please let us know in advance so we can ensure your experience is maximised.



”I went on Colin's food and drink fermenting class loved every minute. Enjoyed the food drink and the making of my own Curtido also i enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the company of the other class members. I couldn't recommend it highly enough fantastic thanks ever so much Colin.” W Downes, Facebook

”I have been buying a lot of their products for a while now but today I went on their Fermented Foods and Drinks course. Really interesting and great fun!” R Barclay, Facebook

“I attended the fermentation class this morning and it was just brilliant!
The space is beautiful. Collin is a great teacher. Very relaxed and a wealth of knowledge. Very friendly and helpful. I loved learning and tasting all the different types of foods. Learnt a lot and can’t wait to try another course. I would totally recommend any of the courses ..... a real treat!” G Mueller, Facebook

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