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Can Cook, Will Cook



Can’t Cook Won’t Cook?......Oh yes you can and you will! 

It is just a matter of confidence. After a day with us you will go home with new skills and a collection of “go to” recipes under your belt, but most of all a whole load of confidence in the kitchen.

We will provide you with some key techniques and ways of working that will give you the ability and confidence to create dishes from scratch. We will discuss seasoning, flavour and taste and give you the knowledge to adjust those aspects of your dishes effectively.

You will leave with a list of useful sources of further information from cookbooks to social media and websites.

Our style is professional but fun and open, we want you to leave us with a sense of pride in what you have produced. You be made to feel comfortable to ask any questions, there is no such thing as a silly question and if you feel you need to ask there is usually someone else in the room thinking the same thing!

On the day we will:

 - Get the basics right. Talk about how to follow a recipe, to some that sounds very simple, but so many people approach it in the wrong way and that adds extra pressure when cooking which can increase the likelihood of an unsuccessful dish.

 - Take a building block type approach. The recipes you learn will be able to be adapted further to create a large range of dishes. 

 - Discuss and make sauces: 

          • White sauce- used as a base for cheese sauce, soups, macaroni cheese and lasagne amongst many others.
          • Tomato Sauce- used for pizza topping and a range of pasta sauces, stews and soups.
          • Meat and vegetable stock- used for gravy, stews, casseroles and soups.
          • Discuss the combination of stocks and white sauce to make the perfect soup base.

 - Use the sauces and stocks we have created and make a number of dishes to demonstrate their flexibility:

          • Beef and vegetable casserole 
          • Chicken and leek soup
          • Bolognaise sauce
          • Fennel and chorizo tomato pasta sauce

 - Allow plenty of time for questions, discussion and guidance.

      The day will be full of top tips and chef’s secrets to give you confidence and make life in the kitchen a lot easier.

      Unlike our other courses, we will all make the same dishes in order to allow as much support as possible and encourage participants to learn together.  

      For up to date details on how we are managing Covid 19 please click here.

      Schedule of the day 

      9:30  Arrival and introductions.

       Discuss recipes, how to prepare to cook and get organised.


      Demonstrate how to make meat and vegetable stocks, including top tips for best results and how to store.


      Demonstrate how to make a white sauce, gravy and soup from the stocks made earlier. Demonstrate and discuss other ways to thicken sauces and stocks to achieve similar results.


      Guests make a white sauce and a chicken gravy with support and guidance.


      Demonstrate how to make a tomato sauce.

      11:45 Guests make tomato sauce with support and guidance.
      12:15 Refreshment break.
      12:30 Demonstrate bolognaise sauce and cooking of pasta. discuss turning a Bolognaise into a lasagne.
      12:50 Lunch.
      13:30 Guests make bolognaise sauce with support and guidance.
      14:15 Demonstrate the perfect beef and vegetable casserole.
      14:30 Guests make beef and vegetable casserole, with support and guidance.
      15:15 Demonstrate Fennel and Chorizo pasta sauce.
      15:30 Guests make Fennel and Chorizo pasta sauce.
      15:50 Recap, questions and answers, guests take home white  sauce, chicken gravy, tomato sauce, bolognaise sauce, beef and vegetable casserole and chorizo and fennel pasta sauce.


      Go home, confident and proud with the skills and experience to make dozens of different variants of these recipes from scratch using the principles and building blocks you have learnt today.

      Please let us know about any dietary requirements when you book this course. We will aim to accommodate.



      “Colin is so knowledgeable and a real inspiration.” J Crimmins, Facebook

      “Myself and my son really enjoyed it and highly recommend it for something that wee bit different” Rachel B, Trip Advisor